Posted by: Thomas Michelsen | marts 3, 2008

Hvorfor er et ror unødvendigt?

Der er mange der tror at en havkajak har brug for et ror til at styre. Dette er IKKE korrekt. Her er et uddrag af en tekst jeg læste på nettet:

Contrary to popular belief, a rudder on a kayak is not designed to help you turn. It is designed to help you paddle straight when wind and waves conspire against you. Turning a boat is actually quite easy – just a few sweep strokes and a casual lean will set you on course. But paddling a steady course when a
strong wind is blowing from abeam can be challenging, not to mention exhausting. This is a situation when you might desire a rudder.

However, rudders break easily and often, and club gear tends to get abused. This is reason enough to not buy rudders for the boats. There are other reasons too – there is much to be said for learning the skills necessary to control a boat without a rudder. With the rudder as a crutch, many sea kayakers never take time to develop these skills.

To this end, we try to buy sea kayaks for the club that can be paddled without rudders. Many of the club boats have pronounced keel lines. The rear keel line of the club Lookshas is designed such that it acts as an integrated skeg, allowing the boat to be tracked (paddle straight) more easily.

Jeg håber at I blev klogere. Det gjorde jeg. 🙂

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